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Sun Damaged Skin

It's believed that 80-90% of aging is caused by the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays. The ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin down to the cellular level and cause incessant damage, resulting in premature fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation not to mention cancer.


Its apparent that 80-90 % of women suffer from cellulite, categorised as visibly uneven skin tone. Cellulite is caused by many factors such as genetics, hormones, hypothyroidism and a lack of exercise – pertaining to poor blood circulation and lymphatics. However the main cause of cellulite is weakened connective tissue.

Pre and Post Operative Procedures

Aesthetic surgeons worldwide are using the DANNÉ paramedical skin revision systems in conjunction with their aesthetic procedures. DANNÉ provides patients with the life force or skin health needed for skin to make a speedy and significant recovery.

DANNÉ's Pre and Post Operative care protocols re-educate clients' skin to heal with fewer complications, not to mention enhancing results dramatically.

With the medical and paramedical drawing close, the highest caliber of client satisfaction can be truly reached.


Get your baby feet back.

Traditional pedicures use blades or sharp cutting tools to cut away callouses or hardened skin on the feet. DANNÉ utilises its alkaline formulations to soften and dissolve the dead skin away instead of causing further scar tissue with a knife.

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