We have found alkaline wash to be a superior tool when treating difficult conditions such as deep lines, thickened areas, pigmentation, acne, and scar removal.

Research has also shown that alkalizing a dark spot of pigmentation allows the DMK melanin inhibitors and skin lightening products to work much faster than if we used an acid. The use of acids and skin lighteners is very common and takes a much longer time to work than alkalizing the skin. This is due to the hardening of the skin cells by acid products.

Late Stages Of Rosacea - Pimples and Bumps:

Alkaline is a resurfacing tool, more importantly for rosacea treatment, it is antibacterial, anti inflammatory and has the ability to penetrate deep down into the tissue. It swells, softens and dissolves to remove excess cell build up, clearing the hair shaft and any impaction that resiades there.


Scarring in the beginning is red in appearance. With time, healing occurs and scar tissue forms, which is white in appearance. Treatments work best on Caucasian skin as they do not hyper pigment as easily or as often. To revise scar tissue effectively we must remove and rebuild at the same time. This is having a restorative effect. We use the alkaline solution which swells, softens and dissolves the area just enough to stimulate the re-knitting mechanisms of the tissue. Scarring is treated monthly. Enzyme therapy utilises a specific blend of transfer messenger enzymes that increase the circulatory & lymphatic system. It stimulates cellular enzyme functioning, assisting growth, metabolism, cellular reproduction, assists our natural processes to enable the natural regeneration of the body to take place.

Suitable for Inflamed cystic acne

DANNÉ alkaline wash swells, softens and dissolves to remove excess cell build-up, releases the inflammation and impaction and kills the P Acne bacteria. alkaline wash is also very effective in cleaning out impacted hair shafts and dissolving the hair at the same time. alkaline wash plus enzyme masque #1 will dislodge the underling manifestation and rebuild the structure and function of the skin simultaneously.