Pardon my face!

"Pardon my face" were the first words out of my mouth as I walked into my favourite coffee shop with Orange's best barista (Cough, cough, Good Eddy) . I go in there everyday looking, I think for the most part respectable. But not today, today was the day I apologised for my face & I have continued to apologise for it all day to everyone who has come through my door and it will only get worse. 

I want you to know this blog isn't me with my therapist cap on telling you about cell abnormality, skin dysfunction,peel ingredients & how the remodelling procedure will help with my current & prior skin conditions. This is about being the client for once. Every OR close to every DMK skin technician has generally had the treatment they are performing on you. It's so we can best describe what is going to happen and how it will feel. However, I feel the peels are different. When it's your face on the line somebody who you think has "perfect skin" couldn't possibly have had this treatment or know what you are going through. 

I will tell you two things. Something technical & something about the "perfect skin" therapist who might be one day doing this terrifying yet unbelievably amazing treatment on you. 

1: We chose this treatment for a couple of reasons, the main one however being the vitamin A in the RP solution. Vitamin A is a regulator. I am & always have been an oily skin who is prone to breakouts, vitamin A helps us to regulate & better control the outcome for a skin like mine. (that's a broad and simple explanation, like I said not that type of blog)

2: The Therapist; You're Wrong! Not only because you thought she hasn't had the treatment but because she seems to perfect to need it. Everybody has had or deals everyday with insecurities, that is after all why you are reading this blog. Is the peel for me? Will it reduce my wrinkles or pigmentation? Can this women actually help me? All of these questions are based around our own feelings about ourselves.

Many clients told me that I didn't need it and questioned why I would go through the treatment. "Why are you having it? You don't need to, you have good skin!" The answer in short is........... IT'S MY FACE, nothing technical it's all emotional. So stay tuned because wow does it get emotional.

It all started on Sunday night........

I had my first apllication of DMK's RP (remodelling procedure) and if this was a movie it went something like this. A bucket of popcorn, box of tissues & a couple of unexplained bruises from rolling around on the floor laughing. At what? ME! Yes I am a sook.

Now go off to a faraway place & picture this....... I'm cleansed, headband on & laying on the bed, not just any bed but the bed of one of my dearest friends (don't worry you're on the right blog). Firstly, I do understand that this in itself is strange but this particular friend isn't just any old friend. No, this one is a DMK therapist, trainer & educator, all round skin guru & one of two people besides myself I would trust with my face. So, back to it. Knowing how well I have handled peels in the past she opens a cupboard and brings out the heavy equipment, that's right a pedestal fan. Set to high & me holding it with my hands & knees we start. 

I'm feeling good, in fact I can't feel anything. This could be my turning point I may have finally been able to master the art of having a peel, just enough talking to myself & telling myself that I will be ok.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP (use your imagination) PUFF, PUFF, PUFF no clearly I wasn't in labour AND  NOOOOOOOOO it's not ok. Words were said, I was laughed at & asked if I was fine all at the one time ( I love her dearly & deserved being laughed at but not what you want to hear) and it all went downhill from there. Toes curled and one arm neglecting the fan to pound the bed,  10 minutes later it was done, the solution was on and there I sat with the fan, a glass of wine that I couldn't open my mouth to drink ( a straw was provided for my comfort) it still hurt to drink, I gave up ( this is not something we recommend). Tears running down my cheeks, not from laughter, two tablets of relax to help me sleep ( which I didn't do very well anyway) a burning, puffy, orange face just getting more so by the second and my bestie who kindly talked to me for an hour or so before I finally felt like I could go to sleep on my own, that's right it took a 33 year old women over an hour of chatter to take herself off to bed & I am ok with that.

Day two.

We do two days of application for the RP, you heard correctly I'm doing it all over again. This time though is a little different to how you as a client would experience day two. You would be in a private room with your therapist, not me I like to live on the wild side. I am at a training day with approximately 40 women, GREAT. One bonus is that all of these women are very supportive and are more excited to see my face and chat about my experience rather then look at me like I am contagious.

The good news is that day two whilst it is still on the painful side, doesn't require the pedestal fan, tick. There was however a lovely lady at the end of the bed tapping my foot and one tapping my head to try and trick my pain receptors, it works! I am up off the bed in no time and ready for the long drive home straight into the sun, needless to say I was probably the only person with the aircon on high that night. 

So far so good, if you like looking like you have been smacked with a cricket bat!

I don't want to scare you with all of this, but this is how I genuinely feel. I knew exactly what I was in for, I have done this on two other occasions, but nothing prepares you for the emotional rollercoaster. My face is full of water, it looks red, it feels tight all of which are normal and happen to everyone. 

Day 4, I have showered & am doing my hair (I've not putting make up on, what's the point) when my husband comes in. "How are you going this morning" he asks. "Iiiiimm oooookka" I mumbled, because my mouth won't open up enough the speak properly. I feel like someone shrink wrapped me in my sleep, I pick up my electric tooth brush and look at it like it's a foreign object, this will be interesting I think to myself as I wedge it in my mouth. You've got this, just take it easy, then.... SILENCE the stupid thing went flat! I vaguely mubbled something to hubby that should have been "you've got to be kidding."

"Your failing at this beauty thing today, aren't you?" he says

He's right I am, but what can I do? Just keep reminding myself it will all be ok & keep sending close friends hideous photo's with crazy faces to make me laugh.

Jade X

Jade Mason