I'm calling BS on empowerment.

Empower (verb): To give power or authority to. 

To empower women implies that power must be given to us...... Doesn't it somewhat defeat the purpose & I wonder if anyone in the beauty industry checked on this before throwing it out there like it was something amazing to behold. That by using it to sell products, skin programs, skin boot camps & the like that we really understood what we were trying to say. 


I've got the power

 It's getting, it's getting, it's getting kinda hectic.

Come on now you know you sang it just a little bit once you realised what I'd done. POWER, You have it. You don't need someone to tell you how to wash your face, how to apply products or what to eat to be empowered. These things can help you gain confidence in how you look & what you see staring back at you in the mirror. They will not make you powerful nor give you power.

I know you're questioning if I am nuts, some what attacking an industry that I own a business in, that I make a lively hood off. But I have never been a wallflower so I am not going to start now. 

I remember being at college and we all had to wear red or pink lipstick, eye make up, foundation, hair up in buns and of course uniforms. I don't have a problem with the uniforms I think it creates a sense of team and structure...... but us all wearing the same make up?? We aren't all the same so why should we have to look the same, degrading. Why degrading? Because it negates our choice. We aren't all clones & it leaves very little room for personality. (Maybe that was the point)  

Stifling really. So is the term empower. (Only in my opinion, go forth and empower if that is your thing & you love it. May the force be with you; insert winkie face. Shout out to my star trek buddies, just kidding I know it's Star Wars guys lol. Get's them every time!)  

I am asking anyone within the industry or any other for that matter to stop using it, we already have the power it's how we harness it and choose to use it.

I'm not saying that at one point or another I too haven't used the term, I am saying I want to do better. We can all do better. 

Why must we use language that implies we are giving "women" in particular something they already have? Share our knowledge, our education and our kindness, because changing the way someone see's there reflection should be enough, that's our power. Confidence is key, along with ensuring the people you come in contact with know that their self worth & value don't hinge on what they see staring back them or how other people see them.

Where inequality still exists across the world in work places and in some cases homes. Build confidence, gain respect, start conversations, support other women for other women doing well helps us all. Be each others cheerleaders, get behind another women's decision for it is just that HER decision. Break down the walls & only good can follow.

I'm not perfect, I never will be & in fact don't want to be. Imperfection is the spice of life, it makes us all unique. I laugh a lot, hence the side joke above, if you missed it or didn't find it funny you can be forgiven. I probably take somethings to serious and others not so much. I love like I've never had my heart broken. I can burn a bridge with just a look(never a proud moment). My friendship is fierce (if you're a friend you know it, you also know I'm not fixing your crown, or wishing we were mermaids, Oi. We are bad ass women who don't wear crowns, i'm more likely to be sitting next to you in a goal cell for lighting this world on fire) I have done things I'm not proud of & others I should be but really couldn't give two hoots about. I want more out of this life and don't quiet know how to get it or what to do about it. I sometimes think before I speak, (yes that came out and you can not slurp it back in like a noodle). I can be brutally honest, sensitive & an over thinker. If you're a man in my life, Husband, Father, Brother & Bestie you know this chick won't back down she will do anything you can & I will try to do it better. I don't take no or failure as an answer, but the option to start again and give it another shot. These are my POWERS.

To all the ladies who I have come across so far over this life. Some of you for a short time, some of you bad ass friends & clients who are still with me walking the incredible journey we call life & especially to my Mum, Thank you. Thank you for helping me know my power, the good, the bad & the ugly & letting me be me. I hope I can do the same in return, even if it just in a small way.

So I want you to tell the next person, man or women who tells you they wish to empower you, "I'VE GOT THE POWER, ITS GETTING, ITS GETTING, ITSGETTING KIND OF HECTIC".


Jade x

P.S I know my little Brother if he reads this will sit there and role his eye's at the feminist tones of this blog. I laugh loudly in the face of him doing so, lol lol, lol. He is also 6ft 3 ish, so I bought a big enough soap box to bring me up to his height.