Digestive Tune-up

“All health begins in the gut”- Hippocrates

Built upon a philosophy of cleanse, restore and maintain the Digestive Tune-Up* is a three-step process that cleanses, soothes, and repairs the gastrointestinal system: removing unwanted and unhealthy organisms, calming existing irritations and aiding in sustainable long-term digestive health.


Step 1: Cleanse

  • Black Walnut is used to aid intestinal cleansing

  • Chinese Wormwood to manage digestive disturbances

  • Gentian to increase digestive juices

  • Pau D’Arco to relieve digestive upset and disturbances


Step 2: Restore

  • Licorice is used as a tonic to strengthen and soothe the mucous tissue of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Slipper Elm for the relief of symptoms associated with mild gastrointestinal discomfort

  • Coenzyme Q10 to assist with maintenance of the body’s energy production

  • Zinc to assist with cell membrane stability and antioxidant properties


Step 3: Maintain

  • Utilises unique microencapsulation technology to protect and deliver 100% alive probiotic cultures to the lower digestive tract

  • Restores and rebalances healthy micro-flora in the digestive system

  • Promotes the activity and growth of probiotics in the intestines through the inclusion of FOS (a prebiotic)