DMK founder Danné Montague-King has been at the forefront of paramedical skin revision treatment for over 40 years.

Thousands of clients around the world have benefitted from DMK’s guiding promise – to be the one you can rely on.

Our history is unique. Danné was the first scientist to create a skin rejuvenation system that matched an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. After decades of constant innovation and critical acclaim, DMK has extended its unique, holistic skin concept into makeup.

Introducing DMK Cosmetics – a new dimension in corrective makeup.

Under the expert guidance of US cosmetic industry icon Tommy Parsons, DMK’s long-standing reputation for excellence in skin revision now comes full circle with a brand new range of cosmetics developed to complement and enhance its revolutionary treatment of skin conditions.

  • Primer
  • Setting Powders
  • Foundation Pallets
  • Corrector Pallets
  • Foundation Brushes
  • Foundations
  • Hi Lites
  • Lo Lites
  • Red Correctors
  • Blue Correctors