Dr Sarah, Consulting Cosmetic Physician

Upon completing her medical degree with honours from the University of Western Australia in 2000, Sarah continued with her medical internship and residency at St Vincents hospital in Sydney.

She soon took a keen interest in the exciting and growing field of cosmetic medicine.

It was at this time that anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers were becoming more embraced by the general public as more and more people realised that these procedures were effective, yet minimally invasive with surprisingly few and rare side effects.

Sarah's in depth knowledge of the functions and dynamics of facial anatomy combined with her artistic eye and sense of moderation resulted in her clientele growing exponentially over the last 7 years.

She now practises at many locations around Sydney, at both medical clinics and beauty salons.

As a woman, a mum and a wife, Sarah has the right ideas to suit every client's unique requirements from subtle to glamorous. Dr Baran looks forward to having a consultation with you and showing you the wonders that can be achieved with just a few small injections.