For faster, longer lasting results our Skin Therapist will recommend necessary home care for you at your first visit. Please be-aware that all of our before and after clients have been following a full home prescriptive during there course of treatments and maintenance program.

The Enzymatic process of the DANNÉ enzyme masque is an action of reverse osmosis. It aids to clear in and around the cell toxins, oxidized waste and free radicals. The enzyme masque creates a plasmatic effect on the blood and lymph circulation to increase oxygenation, cell metabolism and immune functions. All of which aid in skin functioning and enhance transdermal delivery, creating the optimal environment for treatment of any condition

Enzyme Therapy

Alkaline Wash & Enzyme

We have found alkaline wash to be a superior tool when treating difficult conditions such as deep lines, thickened areas, pigmentation, acne, and scar removal.

Scarring in the beginning is red in appearance. With time, healing occurs and scar tissue forms, which is white in appearance. Treatments work best on Caucasian skin as they do not hyper pigment as easily or as often. To revise scar tissue effectively we must remove and rebuild at the same time. This is having a restorative effect. We use the alkaline solution which swells, softens and dissolves the area just enough to stimulate the re-knitting mechanisms of the tissue. Scarring is treated monthly. Enzyme therapy utilises a specific blend of transfer messenger enzymes that increase the circulatory & lymphatic system. It stimulates cellular enzyme functioning, assisting growth, metabolism, cellular reproduction, assists our natural processes to enable the natural regeneration of the body to take place.




Liquid Laser

This light, non-invasive treatment is designed to strengthen, firm and rebuild the skin.

Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel

A non-invasive resurfacing procedure for those wanting to reveal a younger complexion in less than a fortnight, the Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel involves six layers of solution, which will lead to peeling of the skin, revealing a younger-looking, smoother skin.

RP (Remodelling Procedure)

An alternative to the Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel, RP is a face and body peel treatment recommended for sun damage, premature ageing, and loose sagging skin. Using Vitamin to help regulate and remodel over a period of time.

Sublative is the only technology proven to reduce moderate to severe acne scars for all skin types. The Sublative™ RF applicator is designed to deliver radiofrequency energy to the skin in a fractional manner, via an array of multi-electrode pins. The array delivers bipolar RF energy to the skin. Microscopic zones of epidermis and dermis are thermally ablated in a grid over the skin surface, where non-ablated zones serve as a reservoir of cells that promote rapid healing.

Sublative RF